From May 2016 to August 2017, he was employed there. In fact, we'd love to see it! COPYRIGHT 2023, WOMG. But if youre not setting up with the correct conditions or adding realism, it doesnt matter what call you use. Hunting Island Beach is now open to the public. Most whitetail bow hunters look forward to the rut all year and dream of careless bucks cruising and . The points they target include Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska. His Instagram page consists of great archery and bowhunting tips and tricks, as well as the fun hunts and archery events he attends. If you were to walk into your local sporting goods store and grab a grunt call at random, chances are youd have just as much success with that call as any other. people learn more about others, just like Yelp does for The members ofThe Hunting Public grouphavent revealed much about their personal lives. Contact Information is currently not available. By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Since then, shes garnered a large fan-base as she shows the good and bad of being a self-filming hunter on mostly public land hunts. According to the 2023 estimates,The Hunting Public Net Worthis around $900000. This podcast is for the hunter that loves planning and preparing for the hunt, just as much as the hunt. Zach and Dylan discuss bow setups, heavy arrows, broad head choices, hunting with decoys, and more. Zach and the other guys of, The Hunting Public, have quickly become the hottest hunting show around. While this strategy has worked well for him, Ferenbaugh recognizes that his style of hunting isnt for everyone. James Kroll and Haynes Shelton talk about being realistic when it comes to managing a smaller deer property in this edition of Dr. He hangs out in the forests with a group of buddies who have gained a huge following on social media. Ive seen the group use trail cameras at the entrance to a public land piece to find out how often the property is being used by other hunters. Reviews help The deer camp mentality of hunting is getting lost in the shuffle. I gravitate to transition lines and mini habitat breaks with different cover and diversity, Zach said. Zach Ferenbaughs hunting style is about as distinct as the long locks that make him the most recognizable member of The Hunting Public. In this edition of "From The Stand," Pat Hogan explains the importance of being aware of proper clearance when using your bow or crossbow out in the field. 3. Their videos, and more importantly, their over-arching message of increasing hunter participation and awareness of public lands, were going to spread like wildfire. . Also, their objective is to consider shooting yearling bucks. The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast - Episode 213 -Reacting to Deer From the Ground - Zach Ferenbaugh This week Adam talks with one of our favorite guests Zach Ferenbagh from The Hunting Public. Zachary has many family members and associates who include Brandi Zwiebel, Patrick Ellinger, Kelly Kantner, Jaime Metzger and Dennis Jeanneret. September 14 - Public Land: Nebraska Bowhunt, Coyote at 10 feet . Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh are back on public land in Missouri . Gordon Whittington heads north to his personal Missouri farm for some crossbow action. to see complete work history. Post or read reviews for Zachary Ferenbaugh He is also the manager and host of Cabela's Spring Thunder website. Jake has proved to be one of the most renowned members of the group and is changing the game by showing creativity, aggressive hunting tactics alongside budget-friendly hunting. If we see a deer go back to his bed, we call that roosting them. In 2011, he enrolled at Ohio University. The hope that hunter numbers will begin to bounce back and hunters will enjoy the social aspect of hunting again instead of it being so competitive. But Greg and Zach mentioned that while they might scout those areas, typically bucks wont reach a large destination food source in daylight. Zach Ferenbaugh lays the hammer down in an epic ghillie suit bowhunt. At age 9, he eventually shot his first deer. . Gordon Whittington talks with 13-year-old Troy Metzger about the 2016 hunt that landed the young man a monster non-typical buck on this edition of Big Buck Profile. Zach was born in Ohio, United States of America, but because he hasnt provided any birth information, its impossible to determine his age. As mentioned, the now-famous Buck Nest hunt inspired much of what this group does today. Bow Setup with Inside Out Precision: The BRO crew is joined by Kellen Morgan of . Zach Ferenbaugh and I were sitting in the office one day, and we scrolled through social media and saw a guy who claimed hed shot a deer out of his bed, Aaron explained. I almost never have any clue what I am hunting, he says. 2023 Outdoor Sportsman Group. In my view, the hunting industry needed an injection of energy from a group who could accomplish things typically thought impossible. View court, arrest, criminal/conviction Major food sources such as corn or soybeans are enticing places to hang a stand on public ground. Of course, youll have to consider things like the prevailing wind, time of day, the general bedding area, and buck travel routes. She dances professionally. Doug Lisle Bio, Age, Podcast, Books, Diet, Weight Loss, Height, Family, Married, Laura Heck Bio, Age, Education, Podcast, Therapist, Net Worth, Height, Family, Copyright 2023 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes. Access the newest seasons of MeatEater, save content, and join in discussions with the Crew and others in the MeatEater community. These guys just arent afraid to be aggressive, going to extremes to locate daytime buck movement. Subscribe to OL+ for our best feature stories and photography. Co-owners Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh have always been quite a humble approach to hunting. As I venture around the country whitetail hunting in various terrain and my hunting properties Each year, K.C. On this episode of the East Meets West Hunt podcast, Beau Martonik is joined by Zach Ferenbaugh of The Hunting Public. This is a considerable amount considering his net worth as a public land bow hunting specialist. Other than appearances, these calls function the same way, and they make similarif not the samesounds. Although he'll occasionally carry in a saddle setup, Ferenbaugh prefers packing minimal gear, and he primarily employs a combination of spotting and stalking, still hunting, and posting up on the ground . Keep up the great work guys, Im 64 years old and still learning a lot from your show. We have been told that bucks are nocturnal our whole lives. From their unique public land hunting tactics, to the odd and goofy personalities they have, it's one of the most entertaining hunting shows available. Having the right equipment to efficiently and ethically take down big game is extremely important as a bowhunter. Whitetails deer are creatures of the edge, sosearching for staging area food sources such as browse between bedding and the main food source could be a killer strategy for pressured bucks. Check all background information that MyLife has gathered. The Hunting Public, as a fun-lovingYoutuber hunting group, has become immensely famous for the not-so-common tactics that they utilize. According to Aaron, the concept took root one day in southern Iowa, as they were working at the popular web show Midwest Whitetail. Your email address will not be published. From deer and turkey photos throughout the year, to hunts with their family, theyll keep you entertained. Theyre telling a story to which deer hunters of any level can relate. Follow Melissas page for a great mix of family and outdoor adventures. With that in mind, call with the expectation that deer can hear you, and youll put more effort and realism into your calls. Zach doesnt post a ton on Instagram, but when he does, its typically behind-the-scenes pictures and videos, or just him showing off his unique personality. Instagram: @Zach_Ferenbaughand @thehuntingpublic, From Ohio then moved to Iowa when I was 22, The state that allows me to hunt the most big game animals every year as a resident. From Ohio then moved to Iowa when I was 22. He has always shown his interest in highlighting the career of celebrities for motivating minds. Adam Moore is an associate gear editor at Outdoor Life. He then gave up going deer and turkey hunting after several fruitless years. The best way to learn how to call comes from listening to deer in the field. Whether youre blind calling or grunting to a buck thats just out of range, hell usually try to circle downwind. Your email address will not be published. The Hunting Public is thefamous American hunting Youtubercrew that has become famous lately on YouTube. On this week's Bear Archery Hunting 101 Podcast, Dylan is joined by Zach Ferenbaugh from The Hunting Public. Of course, there are some definite advantages to being in a tree, but there are situations when hunting from the ground is the best option, and sometimes the only option. Im driving around, and I find some oddball thing that hinders people from getting into the public, he said. Couple that with the fact Sign in to access your profile, save content and more. Sign up for daily stories delivered to your inbox. You kind of have to relearn what is right and wrong, because in the treestand you play the situation a little bit differently because theyre not looking up all the time.. Even in calm, warm conditions with crunchy leaves, Ferenbaugh typically sticks to the ground game despite the risk involved. 2015 saw his university graduation. 4. This week we chat with Zach Ferenbaugh with the Hunting Public and learn how he had success over two seasons during the early season bow hunt by nudging bucks with his scent and coming right back to hunt them and get it done. Even if he only has five days total for the trip, hell spend the first day scoping out these access points in person and looking for corners with low hunting pressure. Prior to that, from June 2015 to December 2015, he worked as an intern at Midwest Whitetail in Albia, Iowa. Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh head back to the public land "Buck Nest" to hang a trail camera in hopes of getting pictures of a giant buck they call "Ray". Stan Potts heads to Montana with his rifle in search of a Big Sky buck. We use cookies to personalize & enhance your experience. Zach prefers ground-hunting in a ghillie suit. This group is changing the game by showing us all how creativity, aggressive hunting tactics and budget-friendly hunting can result in whitetail success on public lands in various . Skis are easily the most efficient way to cover snowy ground on foot in winter. Kaitlyn is one of the younger rising stars of digital hunting videos. If you have ever had issues with your arrows or broadheads failing and have an interest in improving your setup then this podcast is for you. They havent become well known by shooting yearling bucks, but they certainly arent letting a big one walk because hes too young. From states such as Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska, theyre searching for whitetails that get them fired up about the overall experience. to see possibly who they are and full class lists found from school records and public sources. He grew up hunting all the wild game Mississippi has to offer. Our hunting tactics are constantly evolving, he told me. Dr. James Kroll and Haynes Shelton explain why it's important to know your neighbors when operating a smaller deer property. I dont think Having a good ground game is as important to a whitetail hunter as being able to kill deer from a tree. If you lug your climbing stand through the woods, clang and bang your way up a tree, and expect a mature buck to come running to your grunts or rattles five minutes later, plan for an uneventful sit. Trey and Eli catch up with Zach from The Hunting Public while he is on the road to Minnesota. Ground-hunting and saddle-hunting have also opened new doors for the group as they explore areas open to all. If youre hesitant to do this, just watch a video of two bucks fighting. Mike Clerkin heads to Buffalo County, Wisconsin to bowhunt whitetails. below. You want to grab a bucks interest, not put him on high alert. This section can be locked, requiring permission to 136: Hunt Your Way Follow his page to stay up to date on The Hunting Public. He also has a strong dedication to fitness that you can see through his page. Calling deer requires just as much strategy as hunting them. We often get hung up (no pun intended) with stand setups this time of year. Additionally, since September 2017, he has been a partner in The Hunting Public in Albia, Iowa. Zachary Ferenbaugh currently lives in Wapakoneta, OH; in the past Zachary has also lived in Albia IA. Zach got captivated after shooting his first squirrel at the age of 5. This hunt, however, isn't one a hunter can just decide to do. Versatility is your friend, and there are times of the yearlike the late seasonwhere one style can offer up an advantage over the other. You might surprise yourselfand the deer. Hunters Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh talk deer hunting tips and tactics with various experts across the country. However, more information regarding his marriage is not made publicly available. He graduated from the university in 2015. On this week's Bear Archery Hunting 101 Podcast, Dylan is joined by Zach Ferenbaugh from The Hunting Public. This article will learn more aboutThe Hunting Public earnings, income, salary,and other details. The Instagram page has a great mix of hunting pictures and clips from throughout the season, viral pics and videos related to hunting, and content sent in from fans. So no matter where you hunt, their calling tips will come in handy. Aaron and Jake sat down with Troy Fowler and Rob Neilson to discuss arrow setups and how to get the best arrow and broadhead combo for hunting. Eventually deer are going to adjust and do something different.. READ ALSO; Doug Lisle. Youre not setting yourself up for success. He currently works for the famous American hunting Youtuber crew called The Hunting Public. The Hunting Public has companies that have been working together, and their message is loud and clear. Cam Hanes is a training and fitness enthusiast, as well as one of the hardest working bowhunters in the country. In her free time, Courtney enjoys photography and trying out new recipes with wild game and fresh caught fish! He says its important to always be ready and to remain calmeven when a buck is on alert. Bow Hunting - Deer Hunting Wild Deer Hunting Adventure Hunting Games 2023 Deer Hunter Animal. Its really crazy what you can get away with on the ground, he said. Id still be aggressive I just wouldnt hunt as often. Most unsuccessful or uneventful calling probably suffers for the same reason most hunts do: they lack necessary strategy. Mon Jun 22 2020. Josh and Sarah Bowmar are one of the most well-known hunting couples in the industry. Although hell occasionally carry in a saddle setup, Ferenbaugh prefers packing minimal gear, and he primarily employs a combination of spotting and stalking, still hunting, and posting up on the groundall on public land. I watch The Hunting Public show all the time. Also, Zach went to Midwest Whitetail as an intern. Yes, I understand there are a lot of other great bowhunters on Instagram to follow, so if you think someone else belongs on this list, let us know in the comments below. Zach has stated that how he had always been interested in hunting because his dad and grandpas were going hunting. There is no secret recipe, just average dudes who love to hunt. You cannot afford to blow out a 40- to 80-acre piece and expect success. They go hunting in a variety of settings in an effort to educate their viewers various methods for capturing wildlife. Who are your favorite bowhunters to follow on Instagram? Having the right wind doesnt mean youre in the clear on your setup. Also, the group has become famous, especially for Ground-hunting and saddle-hunting. If youre still searching for the one call to rule them all, good luck. He than tarted hunting for deer and turkeys for several unsuccessful years. Everybodys hunting situation and goals are differentperiod, he said. So use terrain features, like a body of water or steep bluffs or banks, to force the deer to travel a certain way. My interviews with them have been enough motivation for myself. Ferenbaugh says this can be a challenge when hunting in a new state, but studying a regions unique habitat can help point you in the right direction. Is Zach Ferenbaugh Married. No, they consider hunting their profession. Famous People in USA This profile was gathered from multiple public and Go out, set goals for yourself that you feel are realistic, and just go have fun. Hunt aggressively! To me, it is 100 percent about playing the wind. He is romantically involved with Whitney Smith, a stunning woman. Most whitetail bow hunters look forward to the rut all year and dream of careless bucks cruising and chasing does. Saddles are going to be a go-to for me moving forward., Zach, who prefers ground-hunting in a ghillie suit, said, I think tree stands are something that hinders you from getting as close as you can. He is a man of above-average stature. Set Realistic Expectations Some of their best videos have garnered millions of view on YouTube, and they have a large following on social media. After hes patterned other hunters and taken a plant inventory, Ferenbaugh will hang his head out of the window while slowly cruising down the road, looking for deer signlarge concentrations of tracks crossing the road or big buck tracks. Our aggressive hunting was a paradigm shift in how we thought about hunting.. records, Lawsuits, Liens, Bankruptcies & sex offender status for Zachary Ferenbaugh. But in recent years this has become something that has been overlooked. Aaron, Zach, Greg Clements and Jake are all former interns or producers for Midwest Whitetail. I have tried some of their hunting tactics and they do work. They've got several other group members and around 180,000 subscribers right now. Through the Iowa Habitat and Access Program (IHAP), Iowa landowners offer the land to public hunting. Stan Potts doubles down in Montana and Wyoming. The "Big Muddy" is producing big whitetails and there's plenty of public land to hunt them. If the right buck comes in, I shoot and dont regret it.. Chris Bee is a hunter and competitive archer that has grown his YouTube channel into one of the biggest hunting/archery channels out there. The Hunting Public is a YouTube channel I only just discovered for myself earlier this year. Zach is 5 feet 11 inches tall ( Approx 1.8m). If you dont have these major terrain features at your disposal, use the wind and thermals to your advantage. When you rattle, dont be afraid to thrash through the leaves or break branches. Which begs the question: Why arent more bird hunters using them? The guys talk hunting from the ground vs hunting in a stand, getting aggressive on . Zach is an American public land bow-hunting specialist based in Wapakoneta, Ohio, United States. Zach Ferenbaugh is an American public land bow-hunting specialist based in Wapakoneta, Ohio, United States. Since childhood, he had developed an immense love for hunting. Learn more in our Privacy Policy. I enjoy back straps at deer camp. Melissa Bachman has become one of the most well-known hunters in the industry over the last decade. Comment below and let us know who you think should have made our list. Hunters Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh talk deer hunting tips and tactics with various experts across the country. Don't let your gear be the reason you lose a deer this fall! Zach's style of ground hunting whitetails is unique and effective. But in recent years this has become something that has been overlooked. The Hunting Public has been basically involved in ground-hunting with makeshift blinds. to see possibly who they are and full class lists found from school records and public sources. When you call, especially if youre calling blind, commit to it. Wanted to grow up and hunt and fish every day. * The other websites referenced on this site are owned and operated by their respective companies, and the associated trademarks and logos are the property of those companies. Published Aug 18, 2022 12:11 PM EDT. He now lives in the ever-humid Hattiesburg, Mississippi with his chef-of-a-wife and daughter. Its just getting the initial confidence to go in there. Mike Clerkin heads to the legendary Buffalo County, Wisconsin, in search of early season whitetail action. Hunters often call at random times in random conditions, hoping that a buck will come strolling into range. We wanted to show it can be done with basic gear., Zach has always enjoyed breaking the mold. Elk Hunting with The Hunting Public: Kody is joined by Zach Ferenbaugh of . He worked ther from May 2016 to Aug 2017. Incorporate these strategies into your calling next time youre in the stand, and who knows? Welcome to our new mini-series, Tact Talk where we cut to the bone and get to the point and dive deep into specific whitetail and elk hunting tactics. Zachs annual pay is on average $65,196. He is an expert bow hunter on public lands in the United States, and his total wealth is thought to be $1,496,824. Zach Ferenbaugh - @zach_ferenbaugh Zach and the other guys of, The Hunting Public, have quickly become the hottest hunting show around. They use a wide range of hunting tactics, by stalking deer in their beds on pressured public land to shooting bucks from elevated blinds on well-managed private . Zach's annual pay is on average $65,196. Zach formerly worked at Midwest Whitetail in Lowa as a videographer. When Ferenbaugh heads out of state for a public land hunt, he starts by e-scouting for potential access points to spots that are either tough to get to or easily overlooked. Dan Infalt: Hunter's Specialties True Talker. He currently works for the famous American hunting Youtuber crew calledThe Hunting Public. You wont see this group passing giant deer, leaving you annoyed and frustrated with what you just watched. At the age of 10, Zach got his first turkey. Also, the focus of the group is to locate daytime buck movement. The experts I interviewed spend a ton of time in the woods every year. Also, each of them is finding more possibilities than more traditional hunting styles allow. Currently, he focuses on using his experience to coach and educate other hunters through the Nock On TV show, and his Nock On Podcast. Aaron Warbritton owns the Hunting Public firm, which documents the groups hunting exploits. The Hunting Public members stick to the objective of attacking the public ground with the most aggressive, well-thought-out tactics. Links are provided for reference only and does not imply any connection or relationship between and these companies. All North American Whitetail subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Zach and I thought, Lets give it a try. He was born in Ohio, United States of America, however, Zach has not shared his birth details, and its therefore not possible to tell his exact age. Subscriber Services. The guys certainly havent, and their following is growing daily. They try to teach their viewers different strategies for harvesting games by hunting in a variety of different situations. A few hunts later, he harvested a doe while seated on a 5-gallon bucket and self-filming the hunt. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. When bowhunting whitetails from the ground, Ferenbaugh says the smallest misstep can cost you an opportunity and haunt your dreams for years to come. He presently works with The Hunting Public, a well-known American hunting YouTuber group. When Zach was 22 years old, he relocated to Iowa. Their videos and over-arching message of hunter participation are what makes the YouTube channel so famous. Mark Kenyon is the host of the Wired to Hunt podcast, and is a member of the MeatEater Inc. team. If youre looking to arrow a buzzer-beater buck, your best bet might be to go au naturel on the ground. If other hunters can pick apart your calling in the woods, you can bet youre not convincing the deer either. Since Sep 2017, Zach has been a partner at The Woodsguys Media base in Albia, Iowa. The Hunting Public company is owned by Aaron Warbritton and it showcases the hunting adventures of the group. I originally interviewed Zach Ferenbaugh, Dan Infalt, Will Primos, and Mark Drury to find out about their go-to deer calls, but I learned even more about how they approach calling. But today we're going to focus on outdoor industry personalities who may have escaped your gaze in the past because they may not be on Outdoor Channel or Sportsman Channel. Check Price at Amazon. They use a wide range of hunting tactics, by stalking deer in their beds on pressured public land to shooting bucks from elevated blinds on well-managed private properties. Noel He finally got his first deer at the ge of 9. Aaron Warbritton, Company Owner, The Hunting Public, has shared some of the vital opinions about the channel now. Check out our recent posts. However, more details about his married life is not publicly available. You might blow it a few times before you connect with a deer, but Ferenbaugh knows from experience that its possible to kill even mature bucks from ground level. Zach Ferenbaugh is an American public land bow-hunting specialist based in Wapakoneta, Ohio, United States. to see possible family members, friends, co-workers, and associates found from multiple government records, social and public sources. Who's Searching for You, Look Your Best to People Searching for You. to see possible education history including where and when they attending high school and college, and a complete list of his high school class list. Essentially, the Buck Nest was a huge bedding area on public ground, and we saw 15 bucks in one evening during early October, Aaron explained. With the right setup, they can pull your scent away from a bucks travel route, letting him think he has the wind while you still have the advantage. Relatives, Associates, Neighbors & Classmates, Court records found on Zachary's Background, Court records found on Zachary's Family, Being efficient and making decisions quickly starts with the very beginning of their routine, from the moment they wake up. Her main responsibilities at Midwest Whitetail included choosing interns, filming whitetail and waterfowl hunts, editing Cabelas Spring Thunder off-season series, as well as various Gear Reviews and How-to tips videos, moderating an episode of Midwest Whitetail and Cabelas Whitetail Season, hosting the Whitetail Watch podcast, and scouting and analyzing hunting grounds.

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